Saturday, July 19, 2008


Future Nepal is a non-governmental and non-profitable volunteering organization. We belive that volunteering is one way to make worldwide friends and to get to know one another. We arrange for volunteers of all nationalities, including Nepali, to work on interesting projects in Nepal. We arrange tour for around Nepal for special interests, mainly eco-tours cultural-tours . Tours can be for one day or as long as a month.Future Nepal is established with the objective of changing the status of the country. Especially now is the time to mobilize & harness different natural resources, Nepalese production and disseminate this task to the rest of the world. Practising has been more important than preaching. We are focusing especially

  • Teaching English Language

  • Environment

  • Skill-oriented & income-oriented programs.

  • Health Community Health Post Volunteer

  • Tourism activity, (Tourism Festival/International Sports)

  • Cultural Exchange

  • Community development.

  • International volunteer village

  • Stone project (Stone revolution)
    Special Request:- Let's join our hands to have positive change in society. Let's hope the future Nepal will be more beautiful in every aspect. Welcome to any supporting group, organization, individual or volunteers.To support some funds we also design the travel package. For more:

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