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Robin Kabir Tear-Uk
I was very happy with teaching in Parsadap. The Nepal classes were excellent I just wish I was a faster learner, Durga you an excellent teacher. Sita and the family looked after us so well. The house was perfect and it was a delight to be mound so much greenery and animals. The principle of paramount school is very nice and hospitable person.

Aletheia Bligh-FlowerUK),

Dearest Durga, thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful home for us to stay in wonderful placement and wonderful language classes! “Derai ramro chha!”. We have learned so much and have had such a memorable experience have. I’m sine we will be back. Thank you for your kindness! all our love, “Pheri bhetaula!” Aletheia and Robin

School Painting Program:
Future Nepal has been assisting community schools in many ways since its inception. It aims to provide the volunteers immense opportunities to get involved in several activities at community schools and get first-hand experiences of working with the students and teachers.

On Friday and Saturday (August 28th and 29th ), there was School Painting Program under Construction Project. Our volunteers Ann Wong (U.K), John Finefrock and Ian from Prescott College, Arizona, USA, accompanied by school teachers and some students, actively participated and painted three rooms of Nilganga School, located nearby Thamel. It was indeed a great fun to work collectively while exchanging skills and innovative ideas. The volunteers also distributed stationery items to the students.

Teaching in Nepal- Chris RaeI loved every second of my time in Nepal. I fell instantly in love with every child in my school, and the staff made me feel very much at home. I arrived with no teaching experience and departed feeling that I'd done something extremely worthwhile. I wouldn't change a single bit of it, and I'd return tomorrow if I had the chance. I have left a lot of new and close friends in Nepal, and I know I'll be seeing them again. A beautiful country with beautiful people in every way. I loved it!
- Femke (Holland)After seeing an advertisement of Future Nepal in Kathmandu my friend and I went to the office of Future Nepal. Before starting with the project we had a little coursr to learn the basics of the Nepali language. This was very useful because most of the people in the village speak nepali language and they did not speak English. We chose to do a teaching project in a government School in a Chitwan district.
We stayed in the house of a local family where we tried to integrate into the Nepalese way of living including eating the national food Dal/Bhat by hand twice a day, taking a public shower with buckets, going to the toilet outside and giving up your privacy.
The lack of privacy seemed to me one of the main difference between Holland and Nepal. From morning 7:00 till 9:00 in the evening we were surrounded by villagers. A lot of villagers invited us for Tea or Foods and we had wonderful evening with them.
We started teaching on the after our arrival. There were about 300 children at the lower secondary school. We taught class 5,6,7 and 8. In the class 5 we had to use a lot of nepali words because the level of english was very low. The students of class 8 about 15, 16 years old were very shy in the begining but became much more talktive when time past.
Although the time was very short we saw improvements of speaking English in the students. We learned a lot about Nepali culture and wish to come back later.

Ziga Sustersic(Slovenia), Email: ziga.sustersic@gmail.comI learn , enjoyed many things during my stay in Nepal, but I will remember it the most by one thing. That is beautiful Nepalese people. Working with them, learning their language and culture, playing and simply their lifestyle was sometimes challenging but in general beautiful experience. Organization prepared me very well for the visit, providing me some useful language and cultural information, which is really helpful especially if you are facing Nepalese culture for the first time.

Nadia Zeaiter - (Australia) Volunteer –

Income generation trainer 2008 My time in Nepal has come to an end and I feel so incredibly sad to be leaving a country that has welcomed me as once of its own. Nepal will always have a special place in my heart and I intend to follow the news of Nepal and hopefully if I am lucky I will come back. I have incredible memories having lived with two beautiful Nepali families, dealing with the staff at the NGO (Future Nepal), of course trekking, rafting and kayaking. I have never met people generous with spirit, full of positively and a culture that is so rich. I have had the pleasure of now having seen and participated in festivals of Dashain , Tihar and many more. I really hope that the political situation improves and the people of Nepal can reach their fullest potential. I look forward to returning but in the meantime I will sorely miss Nepal very much.

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